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Applied Technology Services

Applied Technology specialists are strategically located worldwide to support industries in tailoring cationization processes to the needs of individual operations. These technicians also play a major role in developing new areas of application, building on their expertise in cationization chemistry.

The following are among the many services we provide:

  • Process optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Updates on technology advancements
  • Analytical work
  • Training of mill personnel - process, as well as safety and handling of our products

Also, our technical professionals will gladly discuss with you any emerging technologies, or potential processes or treatments, as part of our commitment to being a full service supplier.

We at QUAB are committed to the Responsible Care® principles and, therefore, have as our goals not only the supply of high quality products, but also the greatest possible support in the safe, economical and environmentally friendly application of our products.

For more information please mail us at: info@quab.com