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QUAB® 188 - Materials for Transport & Storage

Suitable Materials:
Stainless steel types, 316L and 316TI (DIN 1.4571) are basically suitable for transport containers but are recommended for storage only with restrictions. Pickling of containers and pipes with attention to welds is mandatory. These materials are subject to pitting after prolonged periods of contact and at elevated temperatures. However, since transport containers are not subject to prolonged contact, these materials may be used for QUAB 188. Plastic containers may be used in all cases.

We recommend a coating for storage tanks made of stainless steel types, 316L and 316TI (DIN 1.4571). Alternatively, fibre reinforced plastic tanks or other coated storage containers may be used. Suitable materials for QUAB 188 include polyester, polyethylene, PVC, heat cured phenolic resins or epoxy resins, neoprene, Buna S and Buna N. Enameled containers and tanks may also be used. Any damage in the coating must be repaired.

Unsuitable Materials:
For QUAB 188, containers made of boiler plate H II, aluminum (99.5) and stainless steel types, 304L and 321 (DIN 1.4541) are unsuitable. At 50 °C, the corrosion rate of boiler plate H II is 0.2 mm per year, that of aluminum (99.5) 0.1 mm per year. Test samples of stainless steel types, 304L and 321 (DIN1.4541) show pitting of up to 0.05 g/m2 per day

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