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Applications - Starch & other polymers
Starches such corn, potato, tapioca and wheat and polymer types like guar are cationized with QUAB 188 and QUAB 151. These cationic polymers are used in the production of paper in the wet end as well as in surface sizing. The retention of native starches in paper systems is significantly improved with chemical bonding of QUAB cationizing reagents. The cationic starch´s affinity to the negatively charged fibers and fines of the cellulose pulp increases strength and filler absorption in paper manufacturing.

QUAB 151 is useful in specialized applications such as dry cationization processes and where it is important to minimize the salt load in the effluent.

QUAB 188 and QUAB 151 as well as the QUAB Specialties QUAB 342, QUAB 360 and QUAB 426 are used for the modification of natural polymers like guar, cellulose, protein and their derivatives, which are used in personal care formulations like shampoos, hair conditioners and skin care ingredients.

The QUAB Specialties are long chain reagents offering beneficial surface active properties when reacted with the above mentioned substrates. Polymers reacted with these reagents, impart both cationic and hydrophobic properties to the modified polymers.

Synthetic polymers like polyvinyl alcohol have also been modified with the QUAB reagents