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Welcome to Quab Chemicals

QUAB® Cationizing Reagents, manufactured to precise specifications and certified for consistent quality, react readily with a variety of natural and synthetic substrates. They provide a broad range of industries an opportunity to improve upon the quality or performance of products.

QUAB Chemicals - Quality And Benefits

We take this opportunity to inform all our customers that the entire production in Mobile, Alabama is going to be managed and run by the same specialised professionals who have worked for QUAB in the past.

The new Vice President of SKW QUAB Chemicals Inc., Harold Feigenbaum and the rest of his well-known team headed by Karen O'Neill (Director of Marketing and Logistics) will look after your needs and requirements as before. Please contact us at the known addresses.

We will let you know of any change of address when relevant. If in doubt please mail us at info@quab.com